European translation network

The days of communication in only one language are over.

Globalisation and its corollary, the internationalisation of trade, make the mastery of multilingual communication essential today.

However, not all companies necessarily have the in-house expertise to face up to these new communication challenges.

ETN is a company operating in the European translation market. We are specialized in translation services and the multilingual translation of documents intended for companies, the translation of software and web sites. Our highly qualified team has been active in this very demanding market for many years. 

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European translation network

Our team

We are a team of language professionals based in the outskirts of Brussels that concentrates the linguistic knowledge of more than 500 translators scattered throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Our project leaders are all university graduate multilingual managers and accustomed to fulfilling the translation requirements of companies. Young and dynamic, but armed with over 15 years experience in this very specific branch of industry, they will be your guide throughout your translation project. They will help you to find the most suitable linguistic and technological solution for your needs and those of your market.

ETN places at your disposal the linguistic expertise of a global network of more than 500 translators and language experts to help you address the most diverse demands in the field.

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