Frequently Asked Questions


Our broad network of translators enables us to offer virtually every language that counts in the various world markets. 

All formats, or nearly all.

In addition to traditional text processing and all the programs of the Microsoft Office® suite, we can offer you the advantages of economies of scale realised thanks to CAT (" computer-assisted translation ") software and translation memories (which allow the re-use of content translated before).

We are also able to handle all the professional desktop publishing formats (InDesign, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, FrameMaker, etc.), as well as handling HTML/XML markup files, resulting in particular from web sites, databases and CRM systems.

A simple letter, a technical brochure in its original graphical format, web site, databases, there’s no format that we cannot deal with!

A high quality translation is an original text correctly rendered in a foreign language, in conformity with the contents, style and the level of the language of the original text, all in correct language as regards syntax, spelling and semantics. The accuracy of the terminology is an appreciable additional element.

It goes without saying that producing a high quality translation is not something everyone can do. Being a professional translator is not a spur of the moment thing. You become one through extensive education and long-term experience.

The quality of our service, is: the skill of the translator, the proofreading, and the reliability of the service:

1/ The right choice: that of a skilled translator: The quality of a translation is above all the choice of the expert who will translate your documents. At ETN, our translators are all professionals translating exclusively into their native language. Each one of our experts is a university or language college graduate. All our translators are experienced people who have several years of experience in translation to their credit and who are specialized in a very specific field (editorial, industrial technology, medical, legal, etc.).

2/ The quality, this is then the performance of a meticulous proofreading of the completed translation. In two words, the proofreading consists in re-reading and reworking the translated texts to correct their last imperfections: correcting the spelling, syntax, terminology agreement and improving the style.
All our translations are submitted for proofreading. No exceptions.

3/ The quality of a translation service is also the reliability of the service provided: The availability of the translator you need, when you need them. Only a global network combining multiple talents, in all languages and all fields, allows such a level of availability. Then, once a deadline has been agreed, even a very tight one, keeping to this deadline once the project has started is essential.

For availability and keeping to deadlines, you can rely on ETN.

Time is money… a high quality translation that is late is no use to you.

At ETN, the availability of our translators, when you need them is a priority. Only a network as wide as that of ETN (more than 500 language experts throughout the world) makes it possible to provide you with the translator you need, when you need them.

Outsourcing a translation to ETN will enable you to free yourself of a task that is certainly essential to your communication, but for which the skills can be lacking within your organisation. Not everyone can have access to the services of a technical German translator in-house or a Chinese doctor who is on call when needed.

ETN is there for that: entrust us with your texts and we will take care of the rest. You can concentrate on your core business.

Our global network of translators enables us to translate all types of documents in virtually all the languages that count in the various world markets.

The need for a translation often appears right at the end of your production chain. Urgency is therefore an integral part of our business. We know it, and we are organised accordingly.

Our network also enables us to take a large volumes in a very short time.

Send us your project by e-mail or complete the form available here, our project managers will contact you as soon as possible.

No. All our translators are freelancers, and proud to be so!

No translation company, however big it is, can claim to have sufficient translator resources in house to handle all the requests from their customers, and in all languages. And even if they would like that, it would be more of a handicap than an advantage: no translator or hardly any can specialize in more than one or two specific fields, nor master to a professional level more than 3 or 4 different foreign languages.

It is in the interests of everyone to surround themselves with a very extensive network of freelance translators: to be able to deploy, with total flexibility and very quickly, the resources necessary for any type of project.

Our translators are scattered throughout the whole world. We prefer translators based in their native country (which makes it possible to avoid the “contamination” of their language by the language of the host country after a long period of residence), but we do not exclude expatriate translators on these grounds, insofar as this distance can sometimes be an asset in their knowledge of the language of the country in which they reside. 

Whether they are internal or external is not important. What counts is the – crucial - choice of good partners.

We work only with graduate and specialized translators, translating exclusively into their native language, and whose experience in a quite specific branch of industry (for example the translation of medical, legal or advertising texts) is proven.

The excellent and profitable long-term relation that we maintain with them, and the satisfaction of our customers, are the best guarantees of the reliability of our translators.

Because of our experience, the quality of our service, our reactivity and our flexibility.

Our light, flexible and centralized organisation is also an asset: throughout the project, you deal with only one multilingual point of contact who centralizes your project efficiently and manages it from the proposal to the invoicing, in perfect coordination with our network of 500 language professionals, our graphics designers and our IT technicians.

Whatever your project, we have the skills needed to tackle it: a technical manual to be translated urgently for the Latvian market? A letter to be sent to a manufacturer in Turkey? A contract to be written in Swedish? Medical documentation to be translated from German? Flexibility is of the essence. At ETN, you are at the right place.

All our rates are calculated on the basis of the number of words in the original language (the “source language”).

This calculation method has the advantage of transparency: a word is a value about which there can be no discussion, as opposed to a line, which can be calculated with spaces, without spaces, with 60 characters, with 55 characters…

Moreover, the number of words in the source language makes it immediately possible to set a price, before even starting the translation.

Our prices per word vary according to the source and target languages. Contact us for an exact, no obligation quote.

Ask us for a quote online.

ETN is a light and flexible organisation: by directly coordinating the work of our expert translators for you and by entrusting the peripheral aspects of the project (like page layout) to reliable partners, we limit in-house costs and can consequently offer prices that simply cannot be beaten.

What counts for ensuring the quality of a service is the skill and experience of the teams that will ultimately carry out your work.

As regards translation services (translation and localization), we have virtually no limits.

Our team of language experts is assisted every day by other kinds of expert (graphics designers, IT engineers, technicians and specialists in new technologies), who support us in the most technical missions (web site translation sites, page layout and graphics).

We can therefore potentially handle all types of text formats. In all languages.