What is a high quality translation?

A high quality translation is an original text correctly rendered in a foreign language, in conformity with the contents, style and the level of the language of the original text, all in correct language as regards syntax, spelling and semantics. The accuracy of the terminology is an appreciable additional element. 

It goes without saying that producing a high quality translation is not something everyone can do. Being a professional translator is not a spur of the moment thing. You become one through extensive education and long-term experience.


How to obtain a high quality translation?

The quality of our service, is: the skill of the translator, the proofreading, and the reliability of the service

1/ The right choice: that of a skilled translator: The quality of a translation is above all the choice of the expert who will translate your documents. At ETN, our translators are all professionals translating exclusively into their native language. Each one of our experts is a university or language college graduate. All our translators are experienced people who several years of experience in translation to their credit and who are specialized in a very specific field (editorial, industrial technology, medical, legal, etc.).

The quality, this is then the performance of a meticulous proofreading of the completed translation. In two words, the proofreading consists in re-reading and reworking the translated texts to correct their last imperfections: correcting the spelling, syntax, terminology agreement and improving the style.
All our translations are submitted for proofreading. No exceptions.

3/ The quality of a translation service is also the reliability of the service provided: The availability of the translator you need, when you need them. Only a global network combining multiple talents, in all languages and all fields, allows such a level of availability. Then, once a deadline has been agreed, even a very tight one, keeping to this deadline once the project has started is essential.

For availability and keeping to deadlines, you can rely on ETN.